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Dear travelers,

When I founded Timi's Tours in 2006, I dreamed of providing central Illinois with amazing travel opportunities. I could never have imagined the tremendous reception we have received. We diligently work every year to provide you all with new experiences, and of course, keep around some classic Timi's Tours trips for our new customers to enjoy for the first time.

I believe that in life, we all could use a little adventure and a good time with family and friends, and we at Timi's Tours hope to help make those things happen for you. Travel changes us in a profound way, teaching us about life in other people's shoes, bringing us to breathtaking destinations, helping us refresh our perspective, and strengthening our bonds with our loved ones. Our motto is "making memories," and it is our pleasure to help you all make unforgettable memories, whether you take a day trip to St. Louis or embark on a 13-day adventure to Greece!

God bless you and safe travels.



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Timi's Tours, 230 S. Main Street, Moweaqua, IL 62550
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Timi's Tours
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